Vallée de l’Energie

Vallée de l’Energie

Leading industrial network serving the power generating technologies sector

Networked performance

Networked performance

A common synergy for the competitiveness of the sector

Vallée de l’Energie

Vallée de l’Energie

Working together on tomorrow's energy

Vallée de l’Energie

Vallée de l’Energie

Connecting industrial energy

Vallée de l’Energie

Vallée de l’Energie

Uniting companies - Boosting competitiveness - Promoting the sector - Encouraging innovation

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1 5. 1 1 | S E V E N A N S :

CONGRES INDUSTRIEL BY UTBM | Le forum entreprises et conférences annuel piloté par l'Université de Technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard, dédié cette année à la thématique "Ingénieur, mon impact sur la société". L'opportunité pour les industriels de mettre en lumière leur expertises et de rencontrer des talents et futurs collaborateurs.

De 9h00 à 17h00 @ Sévenans - Campus UTBM | Toutes les informations


2 2. 1 1 | B E L F O R T :

FORUM PLURI'ENERGIES BY UFR STGI | Les industriels sont inviter à rencontrer leurs futurs collaborateurs parmi les étudiants de BTS, Licences et Masters spécialisés dans le domaine de l'Energie. En présence de nos #MembresVallée : General Electric, AE2I, Altran, d'autres.

De 12h00 à 17h30 @ Belfort - Bâtiments UFR STGI | Plus d'informations >>>


2 6. 1 1 | B E L F O R T :

ASSEMBLEE GENERALE VALLEE DE L'ENERGIE | Bilan et échanges sur les orientations, projets et actions du cluster industriel. 

Plus d'informations à venir




0 5. 0 2 | B E L F O R T :

RDV DE LA MECANIQUE - Quelles innovations technologiques au service de la cogénération ? Zoom sur la récupération de chaleur fatale | Le Cetim et la Vallée investissent les murs du #MembreVallée, Ananké. Au programme : présentation de leur moteur innovant qui crée de la valeur à partir de la chaleur, éclairage sur la récupération de chaleur fatale, visite du laboratoire, échanges avec le public...

@ Belfort | Plus d'informations à venir | Sur inscription



News members

Busch or the expert in vacuum technologies

Specialized in vacuum technologies, Busch numbers 57 entities worldwide and employs a staff of more than 2,700. This global presence has established their position as the leader in vacuum pumps...

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M-Plus is growing abroad

The M-Plus Group has its roots in Lachapelle-sous-Rougemont in the region of Belfort, and is now expanding outside of France. This tier one supplier of energy integrators indeed now owns an affiliate...

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Ferry-Capitain – The XXL foundry

Founded at the heart of Europe in 1831, the foundry Ferry-Capitain is proud of being one of the leading affiliates of the conglomerate Compagnie Industrielle et Financière de Bussy (CIF). The...

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Gaussin Manugistique – A mid-cap company that dreams big

400 recruitments up to 2020 and a 50 million investment, that is the momentum being built by Gaussin Manugistique. Two positive announcements of this family-owned company founded in 1880 in...

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EURO/CFD : Innovation for DNA

Strategically placed at the heart of the Techn’hom business centre in Belfort, EURO/CFD is an engineering office specialized in digital fluid mechanics. This SME was created in 2005 and is today...

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AEMO AUTOMATION,strategically established at the crossroads of France, Switzerland and Germany, is an engineering company whose field of skills adds up to project management, automation, industrial...

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ASSYSTEM, winner of the 2015 edition of the National Engineering Grand Prix

Paris, 14th October 2015 – Assystem, international engineering and consulting group, received the 2015 National Engineering Grand Prix for the development of a new generation engine with heat...

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With nearly 24,000 collaborators in a score of countries, 500 major customers all over the world and more than 30 years boosting its potential for innovation, Altran confirms its position as a leader...

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BOCCARD : A valuable ally for industrialists

Established in 34 countries, deployed worldwide thanks to 3,500 experts, 55 business units … the key figures of the Boccard company are proof of its scope and expertise, strengths that have forged...

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ACTEMIUM : Activating competitiveness and industrial performance

Designing, realizing, maintaining processes and industrial sites : 3 key activities incubated at the heart of Actemium, an entity of the VINCI Energies group, dedicated to industry. Its core mission...

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LUFKIN gains ground

Among cutting-edge companies, Lufkin is a specialist of mechanical power transmission. This world renowned company was founded in 1902 in the small town of Lufkin, Texas, and has made Fougerolles...

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Sharing a common culture around the integration of energetic systems

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Exchanging good practices

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Taking advantage of a competence and strategic information network

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Meeting new technological or commercial partners

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Benefitting from support for innovation

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Extending activities to international markets

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