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Networked performance

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Vallée de l’Energie

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Paimpol-Bréhat : Marine current power installation steers a steady course towards collaboration

The Paimpol-Bréhat project aims at exploiting the predictable energy of marine currents to generate electricity. This offshore project has been developed at a pre-industrial level and marks a new chapter in the history of energy in France.

Paimpol-Bréhat : Le parc hydrolien qui garde le cap de la collaboration

Initiated by EDF, this green project has settled on the coast of Brittany (Côtes d’Armor) and has worldwide overtones.

The convertor that turns marine energy into electricity was finalized last May and is something of a technological UFO. It represents a key part of the large scope project at the crossroads of the skills of many companies in the Vallée de l’Energie.

The budding convertor, which is the fruit of extensive collaboration between several subcontractors,has enabled companies from the Belfort cluster to entwine their know-how to reinforce the added value of a common product subjected to the demands of its contractor, General Electric.

Let’s zoom in on this mesh of know-how carried by the Vallée de l’Energie within the framework of a world first « made in France ».


The Power Conversion entity on the General Electric site in Belfort is at the controls of convertor manufacturing.

From initial conception to A-Z elaborated design, plus site follow-up, assembly as well as a series of electrical and mechanical tests carried out in near-real conditions, the investment of the team mobilized on the project totals nearly 1,200 engineering hours. Tucked away in the heart of an imposing structure, the putting into place of an intelligent system as a result of expertise and ingeniousness centred within GE PC.

This high risk technological challenge was initiated in 2009 and is today turning out successfully with the birth of this convertor, a complete brain developed by EDF in Paimpol-Bréhat.


Within the framework of the Paimpol-Bréhat project CITELE Industrie has mobilized the skills of the Grandvillars site, specialized in mechanical welding and large dimension machining. The company has intervened on different levels :

This project has called on a team of qualified welders and also supporting teams : Methods, Management and Quality, working in close collaboration with teams from GE Power Conversion.


This  international group for engineering and innovation consultancy has played a coordinating role in the entire Paimpol-Bréhat project. On such a large scale project coordinating and internal reporting missions were more than necessary to ensure progress. The involvement of multiple companies on the same projectcalled for a considerable amount of coordination covering the financial aspect as well as schedule support.


The involvement of the group in this new water-powered project covers two specific points :

Firstly, extensive intervention on the electro-technical and automatic elements in order to implement a conversion system that is both high performance and reliable. The battery of tests carried out on each element enabled correction  of defects in the system and completion of a product in conformity with demands.

In addition, the engineering consultancy company has actively participated in site management in order to support both timing and quality in the project. Their action concerning these points was decisive in solving mechanical problems during assembly.


LGE, a company specializing in industrial packaging, transport, customs, surface treatment and logistics, has put its range of expertise at the disposal of this water-powered project.

Among the actions carried out : handling work on the GE PC premises,particularly the  loading of parts onto the motor. The company has also undertaken internal transportation to carry out treatment and packaging, followed by camouflage work before scrubbing the welding cord and applying paint to the defined zones.

Lastly, weighing by means of a contact system before the final packaging mission to protect the whole convertor before final shipment.


The supply of this green energy generated from tide forces comes within the scope of a diversified  energy mix approach. The Paimpol-Bréhat project once again shows that Franche-Comté is a favourable industrial breeding ground with a synergy of unique skills at the service of new large scale projects.

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